17 November 2017


Heavy fog in parts of Punjab and Haryana has been throwing the railway traffic out of gear, delaying various trains which have been affecting regular commuters of the Chandigarh region. In a bid to lessen the burden of passengers, the state President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Chandigarh, Sanjay Tandon, has written a letter to the Union Railways Minister, Piyush Goyal requesting him devise a mechanism where passengers could be informed about the delay.

While divulging few details on the subject, Sanjay Tandon said, “It’s fog time again, threatening severe disruption of train services causing much inconvenience to passengers. All north-bound trains get delayed for hours due to poor visibility during foggy weather. As per my knowledge, more than 30 trains have been running late and anxious commuters have been gathering at the office of Station Superintendent to know the status. I have suggested the concerned ministry that to save the precious time of the travelers they should get the information of the delay of the trains in before the boarding time. It will help them to plan and reschedule the meetings accordingly. They will also be able to arrange for the alternative transportation”.

Adding to it, he said, “We understand that since visibility drops, drivers cannot see the signals and keeping in mind the safety of the passengers’ the normal speed is not being maintained. But in today’s world of technology, a mail and message carrying the proper information about the delay and exact timing of arrival can be sent on the phone to commuters. It will reduce the rush at the Railway stations and will decrease the woes of the passengers”.


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