29 April 2020


When your society creates an environment that grooms you and you step ahead as a person who stands tall to serve the society, it is a thanks giving moment and a time to give it back to the society. The torch bearer in the city again is Sanjay Tandon. Of all the Siropas or scarfs he has received in last year as a mark of appreciation, he has made 1000 masks with it and distributed packet of 4 masks and a sanitizer in sector 18 in neighbourhood. In the coming days the target is to make 100000 masks and to distribute the same.

It’s not a simple act that matters but the smallest of deeds can ignite change and motivate others also.
Mr Tandon has volunteered and offers his skill for the safety and well being of his society and it is talk of the town and many citizens are appreciating this act of public welfare.

During the time, the pandemic Covid 19 hits the country, whole of India is doing the best it can to facilitate incapacitate Covid 19. Such noble efforts at this time not only help stave of Covid 19 but also help boost the morale of the citizens. Mr. Tandon deserves to take a bow for this act of noble service to the society.


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