Samsung Expects Strong Growth in AC Sales Across Punjab This Summer

14 Me 2019
With the onset summers in north India and consumer preference for air conditioners seeing a sharp rise, Samsung India, the country’s largest consumer electronics and mobile phone brand is expecting strong double digit growth in air conditioner sales across Punjab this season.
Samsung has seen good growth in cities such as Ludhiana and Jammu. Even during non-summer months, from January to March 2019, the company grew in double digits across Punjab. Cities of Ludhiana and Jammu contributed withover 10% growth. The company expects to continue the momentum this summer season.
Samsung air conditioners are seeing strong sales considering consumers in north India today prefer air conditioners that come with higher warranty and energy efficiency. Samsung air conditioners offer one of the best warranty propositions in the Triple Inverter Series. The series will offer triple warranty benefits such as 10 year warranty on compressor, 5 year warranty on Durafin condenser and newly introduced 2 years warranty on PCB Controller on both indoor and outdoor units. 
On the energy efficiency front, Samsung’s latest triple inverter range supports consumer needs to save energy and control electricity bills, without compromising on faster cooling. It is a complete package for consumers be it in terms of energy efficiency, faster cooling capabilities, durability, innovative technology and contemporary design. 
Samsung has developed its air conditioner range keeping in mind the needs of Indian consumers. Its products have been tuned for India. For example, Samsung’s ‘Convertible Mode’ uses less compressor capacity, reducing power consumption and reducing power bills. Because of the Convertible Mode, users can save up to 26% on energy, as the air conditioner adjusts cooling capacity to match the number of users while using less power. So a 2 Tonne AC can be converted to 1.5 Tonne, 1.5 Tonne can be converted to 1 Tonne and similarly, a 1 Tonne AC can be converted to 0.8 Tonne using this feature. 
Apart from this, the Samsung Triple Inverter series comes with Triple Protection, which offers consumers Stabilizer Free operations and Compressor / Controller and Fin & Chassis protector to enhance durability. 
Stabiliser Free Operation has been developed keeping Indian consumers and Indian conditions in mind. This feature protects the AC against sudden voltage surge or drop and also improves the look of your home since one doesn’t need to install a separate stabilizer. 
Indian consumers are also looking for a product that aesthetically matches to their style. Samsung has introduced new Camellia floral patterns in its AC design to cater to specific Indian customer needs.
Another factor which is pushing growth in demand for Samsung Air Conditioners is flexible finance schemes that the company has introduced. This has made it easier for consumers to buy air conditioners by offering zero down payment schemes and long tenure EMIs. 
Samsung is focused on introducing innovative products, which help improve the quality of life for consumers and offers them an option to upgrade to a technologically superior product.
Samsung Inverter Technology powered AC series is available across all channels and on Samsung’s online platform Samsung Shop.


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