20 August 2020


Owing to this global crisis of COVID-19, everybody is somehow locked in their houses. However, as the lockdown releases, the danger are still there, which makes people avoid travel. Considering this situation, many stores and shops have started their home delivery services. The biggest addition to this is food products supplier ‘Sabzi Boxes’.

Sabzi Boxes is one stop to buy all the daily need essentials online. From grocery items, to personal care products along with home care products and all the items for celebrations are just one click away. On this website, people will get special festival discounts. The major focus has been given to the sanitized packaging. The major selling point for Sabzi Boxes is the fast delivery along with better quality as well as organic food. This huge initiative is taken by Mr Rajneesh Upadhyay and Jaswinder Singh.

Talking about this venture, Mr. Rajneesh Upadhyay and Jaswinder Singh said, “This COVID-19 situation has definitely halted over lives. However, we cannot stop eating, and getting groceries done everyday has been a great concern for everyone. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with something which will make people’s life easy. Adding to this, it is not just a food supplier app, it has all items which you need in your day to day life; along with this all festival celebration kits are also provided. All the safety measures and precautions are taken care of. From completely sanitizing the items to property testing delivery boys, we ensure you a healthy delivery. Every staff member’s temperature is properly checked every day. And along with every delivery we are providing free face masks. We are FSSAI certified which adds to our credibility. We just hope people will support us in this initiative.”

Sabzi Boxes website’s delivery is available in three areas Chandigarh, Ambala and Ludhiana.


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