22 April 2019


Ms. Rupica Chanday co-partner VLCC Batala has been awarded the “Region’s Top Bridal Makeover Entrepreneur” in Business Icon Awards (BIA). Ms. Vini Mahajan, Additional Chief Secretary Industries and Commerce, Punjab presented this valuable honor to Rupica Chanday.

Business Icon Awards 2019 was a celebration of achievement by businessmen and women who have established their businesses and brands in different segments of economy.

For most of the people life comes to a pause at the age of 40’s, but for vibrant, beautiful and free spirited Rupica when 40’s was around the corner she realized that she should had to do something big in her life and make her dreams turned into reality.

Rupica has started her saloon around five year back. Ms. Rupica Chanday – co-partner VLCC said, “It’s a great honour to receive this precious award. I feel grateful towards all the people who helped me throughout the journey to achieve this platform of success. Awards and appreciation like Business Icon Awards, help me to bring more smiles to the faces of young brides on their big day. I always trying to bring advanced world class beauty treatments and services in our regions and make our people beautiful than before ”

Rupica is a self-made business women who specialized in bridal makeovers and other beauty services. She has given many alluring and appealing bridal makeovers to the brides with aims to continue providing specialized bridal and beauty services to the  people in the region.


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