11 August 2018


North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala (Ministry of Culture, Government of India) organized a special literary event on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Rashtrakavi Padmabhushan Maithilisaran Gupt at Tagore Theater, Sector 18, Chandigarh on August 11, 2018 which was concluded under the guidance of Dr. Sushil ‘Hasrat’ Narlavi. The dignified presence of Prof. Saubhagya Vardhan, Director, NZCC, Patiala increased the celebration of the event. Sh. Virendra ‘Veer’ conducted the stage.
On this occasion, Dr. Sushil ‘Hasrat’ Narlavi’s story collection ‘Pathere’ was released by dignitaries. Subsequently, describing the literary aspect of the Rashtrakavi Maithilisaran Gupt, Dr. Sushil ‘Hasrat’ Narlavi said that “the Rashtrakavi Maithilisaran Gupt ji wrote about 40 books and made the Khadi Boli dialect simple, streamlined and empowered. His poetry has reflected national consciousness, primacy of Gandhian, religious sentiment and human uplift. The protection of purity, ethics and traditional human relations is the first quality of the poem of Gupt, which has been distinguished and influenced from ‘Panchavati’ to ‘Jayadratha Vadh’, ‘Yashodhara’ and ‘Saket’. Apart from this, Narelvi read poems written by Maithili ji, which received a lot of appreciation.

After this, poetry Urmila Kaushik ‘Sakhi’ narrated the poems of Maithili ji ‘Nar ho na narash karo mann ko’, Sakhe mere bandhan mat kholo, ‘Roko mat chedo mat koi mujhe raah mein’ in her own way, which received applause. After this, the poet Virendra Sharma ‘Veer’ has narrated long poem of Rashtrakavi Mailhalisharan Gupt ‘Matrabhumi’, ‘Nilambar paridhan harit tat par sundar hai’. Poet Anand Bihari recited bal poems of Gupt ji ‘Maa keh ek kahani’, ‘Circus hokar kohtul ke bas mein, gaya ek din mein circus mein’ and Bal Kavita ‘Ola’ and poet Rajan ‘Garib’ presented two beautiful songs of Maithili ji, ‘Hum kaun thei, kya ho gaye hain aur kya honge abhi’ and ‘Hemant main bahuda ghanon se puran rahata vyom hai’, in a very beautiful manner, which received a lot of applause from the audience. Prof. Saubhagya Vardhan shared the memories of Rashtrakavi Maithilisaran Gupt with the audience and sang one of his song ‘Charuchandar Ki Chanchal Kirnein, Khel Rahi Hain Jal Thal Mein’, in his own way, which received the praise of the audience.
In his concluding remarks, Dr. Sushil ‘Hasrat’ expressed his views, “To save the creation of the rich literary heritage and great poets of India and to carry forward this legacy is the responsibility of the young writers. Today’s generation is progressing on this path and in this direction the efforts of North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala, are particularly appreciable.”


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