11 January 2018


There have to be various elements that come together to make a movie successful. A thriller takes audiences on a ride that involves suspense, fear, obsession, doubt, thrill and the element of unknown. Over the years Bollywood has showcased some of the finest thrillers …. Be it erotic thriller like the Jism and Hate Stories series; neo noir thrillerJohnny Gaddar; drama thriller A Wednesday!; heist crime thrillerSpecial 26; drama thrillerDrishyam or crime thrillerWazir to name a few.

Joining this rank of thriller is the young, energetic and budding Raj Sehgal who is currently filming his maiden Hindi suspense thriller ‘Gustaakh Ishq Fake Face’ in and around the exotic locales of Karjat; 100 Kms. away from Mumbai in a month-long shooting schedule. Being made under the banner of Ishaan Cine Multimedia, the film is produced and directed by Raj Sehgal himself.

Raj Sehgal started his film career as an assistant director to various films and television serials. He had independently directed hit serials like Jaayen Kahan?, Tum Dena Saath Mera amongst many others.

Raj Sehgal excited about his debut film venture says, “It’s the adrenaline rush we get out of thrillers that make us love the genre. My debut Hindi film Gustaakh Ishq Fake Face too is a suspense drama almost being filmed around the hilly locales of Karjat. The look of the film required to connect with the nature. And thus we are shooting in locations like Life Campus, Pingles and Karjat which has historical significance, greenery, hill-tops, river, spacious bungalows and all. The story revolves around a rich man who lives on with his wife’s money and riches. He is a lewd voluptuous womanizer who flaunts his richness. One girl gets attracted and comes in his life. What happens to them is what the film is all about which will surely captivate the audience and leave them speechless with unpredictable and shocking endings.”

The film has a mix of veteran and new talents in its cast and credits. Annil Dhanda known for his super-hit films likeHukumat, Tehelka, Farishtay and many others is the director of photography. The film has four songs by music composer Dr. Vijay Bhave (B. Prayog). The film features Neeraj Bharadwaj, Priya Sachan, Divyaratn Singh, Toral Shah, Ankur Sharma, Preeti Sharma, Prakriti Sharma, Saumendra, Angad Shetty, Bharat Singh and other in its star cast.The film is being readied to be released during the summer vacations.


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