Professor Shana D Hormann speaks on ‘Organizational Trauma’ at the Centre for Human Rights and Duties



28 February 2017


The Centre for Human Rights and Duties, Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh
organized a special academic event comprising firstly a lecture by a distinguished
scholar, Professor Shana D Hormann from the Antioch University, Seattle, United
States of America and later a workshop for the benefit of participants. Professor O
P. Katare, Director Research Promotion Cell, PU, presided over the lecture. The
lecture was organized under an MOU of PU with the Antioch University in association
with Professor Emeritus, Dr. Jitendra Mohan and Professor Meena Sehgal.
Dean International Students, Professor Deepti Gupta was also there at the
inauguration. Professor Swarnjit Kaur, Coordinator of the Centre for Human Rights
and Duties in her introductory remarks highlighted the pro-active role of the Centre
in strengthening its academic collaboration with the overseas universities in the
recent past. In his presidential remarks Professor Katare emphasized the role of
spirituality and power of the mind to deal with trauma as trauma he said is not only
physical pain or discomfort which can be treated with medicines alone.
Professor Shana D Hormann having specialized in Leadership and Change dealt with the
theme, ‘Organizational Trauma’ with a view to build personal and institutional
resilience. She brought to light the trauma triggers and the matching coping up
strategies. Professor Hormann dealt at length with “compassion fatigue” and its
consequences as individual traumatizing experiences tend to move into organizations.
She elaborated on the shadow- strength wherein the participating students and
faculty were engaged in listing out separately both organizational and personal
strengths and shadows as such an approach she said would help building personal and
organizational resilience to overcome trauma.
Apart from the faculty members from the host Centre namely Dr. Namita Gupta, Dr.
Upneet Kaur Mangat, faculty members from other departments also joined the event.
Participating students enriched the event with their keen interest.


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