11 July 2019
Platform tickets have been made mandatory for those who come to drop travelers at the Chandigarh Railway Station. From today onwards, the private company has taken over the platform ticket counters. Today, the private platform counter was inaugurated by the Dhirendra Pratap Dubey, owner of DPD Caters and Transportation.
Platform counter at Main Gate will distribute platform ticket of Rs 10 and another such counter is also made for the people coming from the Panchkula side. Platform tickets will be available at both places. Mr. Dubey said that our team comprises of 8-9 people, whose work will be the distribution of platform tickets and checking of offenders inside. At present, platform tickets will also be distributed on the spot (at platform) as many people are not aware of the service.  Soon the penalty will be charged. Those who do not buy the platform ticket can be fined 10 times as a penalty.
Along with this a Private cloak room was also inaugurated. Privatization work is being started by the PMO at Indian railway stations having world class facility. The task of making platform ticket privatize at Chandigarh Railway Station is one of them.
During the inauguration of platform ticket counter, Shashi Shankar Tiwari, Pappu Shukla, Ravi Dubey, Prashant Kumar Dubey, Anmol Dubey, Dilip Dubey, D. K. Pandey, VK Mishra and many others were present.


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