Prasanchetas Foundation organized “अपना मिशन धरती का संरक्षण”



29 April 2019


While the air quality in the city beautiful, seems to be dipping at a fast past and gradually becoming unfit for human consumption. To cater to this chronic problem a Chandigarh based ngo with the name of Prasanchetas Foundation on partnership with Eocskikh have initiated a project “Breathing Punjab” To spread the awareness about the need of this project to the general masses, on this Earth Day, drawing competitions were organized for the complete week on the theme of “अपना मिशन धरती का संरक्षण” amongst various government schools and some other NGO’s across Chandigarh. Before the drawing competition, students at each school were sensitized about the adverse quality of air, prevailing around, which is unfit for human consumption, for which there is a dire need to practice some permanent solutions which help in purification of air along with adding more oxygen content in it. On the same lines with the support of another Youth Foundation with the name of Swarmani Youth Welfare Association, students at one of the schools in Kaimbwala Village were involved in eco-friendly task of planting plant saplings in waste plastic bottles.
Prasanchetas Foundation further invites individuals, institutions and organanizations to be part of its efforts to make this Earth a Greener, Healthier and Happier place


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