4 August 2018


Government Model High School-2, Dhanas organized two practical sessions for students and faculty of the school.

The first session was about the assessment, evaluation, and counselling of the students and feedback to faculty. Under this two group sessions were conducted for class 10th and 9th. Counseling session revealed that the students lacked the basic understanding of languages (English, Punjabi, and Hindi) and also mathematics. Due to this, the students are unable to perform well in class as well as their exams. Lacking the understanding of languages has led to them not being able to even understand the questions itself.

Kriti Chowdhri, the councilor recommended to drop the academic syllabus for at least a span of 1 month and only concentrate on the remedial classes. Only then will the students be able to perform well.  Principal Dr. Ravinder Kaur who initiated this process spoke to teachers about the feasibility and conduct of remedial measures.

In another session Dr. Arun Bansal and Mr. Paras from Social Substance were invited to school to talk to students and hunt the hidden talent for arts form. About fifty students were chosen for the session from class 7th to 9th. Students responded affirmatively toward learning using the drawings painted on walls and expressed that they would like to paint the walls with educational material. Eight students were chosen for advance training in the field. It was recommended that school should explore the vocational avenues for the students as the school is located in such an area where children seek employment every here and now to support their families. Dr. Ravinder Kaur emphasized while concept is true education oriented and one of its kind still it is education department who has to take final call on it.

Overall the students and faculty was benefitted with today’s sessions.


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