Pharma Dept of Aryans organizes industrial visit & seminar for pharma students



12 September 2019


In order to provide practical exposure and experience vibrant learning, Aryans College of Pharmacy, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh organized an industrial visit to Interstellar Testing Centre (ITC) Private Limited, Panchkula and a guest lecture by Dr. Suresh Kumar, Secretary, Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers in India, Punjab for B. Pharmacy and D. Pharmacy students it Campus.

The visit aimed to understand the technologies & procedures used in Industry, thus providing a practical edge while the interactive session was based on Ideation to innovation in Herbal Drugs.

During the industrial visit the Pharma students were told about various aspects of testing and assurance in the fields of Drugs, Food & Chemicals, Ayurvedic, Microbiological, Environment (Air, Water & Soil), Building Materials etc. They shared the views about the testing parameters, quality control and quality assurance aspects of the Pharma industry.

While Dr. Suresh Kumar while discussing the importance of Herbal medicine said that it is the mainstay of about three-fourth of the world population, significantly in the developing countries, for primary health care. There is a great demand for herbal medicines because of their wide biological activities, higher safety of margin than the synthetic drugs and lesser costs.

Dr. Suresh gave examples of various medicines which originated from herbal plants including insulin from the roots of dahlias, quinine from the cinchona, morphine and codeine from the poppy, digoxin from the foxglove etc which are being used widely in the medicinal chemistry for the formulation of the drugs.


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