26 July 2020
Monsoon may bring relief from the scorching heat, but this season also brings with it infections, rashes and discomfort especially during menstruation days. Paree, a home grown sanitary pad brand that has been championing the cause of menstrual hygiene offers Heavy Flow Champion sanitary pads, an absolutely revolutionary product which keeps you wetness free even during your heavy flow days.
Most women experience heavy flow during the onset of their periods, and this causes a lot of physical and mental discomfort at times. Observing the inadequacy of the solution for Heavy Flow in the market, Paree offers its innovative line of product- Heavy Flow Champion which is India’s only product with 3 seconds absorption technology.
Over the years, Paree has been progressive in its outlook and ahead of the curve as  when it comes to female hygiene With high absorbent quality, Laboratory tested and proved, the revolutionary Paree sanitary pads offer a never-before 3 seconds quick absorption and a  wetness-free, comfortable feeling in the this humid season. The innovative product uses a unique channel flow and core formation that helps in quick absorption, giving wetness-free feeling especially during the heavy flow days. One of its kinds in India, the top layer of the pad is covered by spun-bond non-woven fabric which makes it soft. The superior performance is owing to its perforated sheet which absorbs within 3 seconds and gives a soft feel leading to a rash-free and worriless experience. 
Sahil Dharia, Founder & CEO of Paree said, “We understand the many avatars of an Indian woman and take pride in creating products for her real needs. Discomfort faced by women during their periods specially during monsoon hit the peak due to sudden and crippling heavy flow moments. Regular sanitary pads have never been able to satisfy this massive consumer need. Paree is a progressive brand, a brand that understands the real issues and hence our product Heavy Flow Champion cater to these mature, self-assured, confident women who believes in keeping it real. We strongly believe issues like PCOD, PMS, Heavy Flow requires attention and perfect solution and not ignorance”


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