Panchkula Ladies Club members attended Breast Cancer awareness talk



21 October 2021


Panchkula Ladies Club members attended breast cancer awareness talk organised by Alchemist hospital. Dr Chitresh Agarwal Consultant Medical Oncology and Dr Munish Mahajan Consultant surgical Oncology had interactive session. This year October is considered to be Breast cancer  awareness month.

Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer:                                                    Lump in Breast

Nipple Discharge

Thickening of skin of Breast.

Redness and swelling in any part of Breast.

Inverted Nipple of Breast.

Lump in Arm Pit.

Risk Factors:

• Family History: Women whose mother or sister had breast cancer carry a higher risk of developing this disease.• Breast lumps- Women who have had some type of non-cancerous breast lumps are more likely to develop cancer later on.

• Dense breast tissue – Women with dense breast tissue have a higher chance of developing breast cancer.

• Age: As women get older, they are at higher risk of breast cancer.

• Diet and lifestyle choices: Women who smoke, eat high fat diet, drink alcohol are more at risk of developing breast cancer.

• Radiation Exposure: Frequent exposure to X-Rays and CT scans may raise a women’s chance of developing breast cancer. • Obesity: Overweight women are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

• Oestrogen exposure – Women who started having periods earlier or entered menopause later than usual are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. This is because their bodies have been exposed to oestrogen for longer duration. All the ladies took pledge to support fight against breast cancer.

Sharda kathpalia President Panchkula Ladies Club thanked Dr Chitresh and Dr Munish for the  wonderful and informative talk


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