Organic Harvest embarks upon new journey on its 6th birthday with its new campaign ‘Fix with Six’ 

31 July 2019
Organic Harvest, India’s leading organic personal care brand, on the occasion of completing its 6 successful years, announces the start of its campaign ‘#fixwithsix’. The campaign aims to promote the practice of organic and sustainable lifestyle. This innovative campaign resonates with brand’s philosophy of providing a chemical-free organic lifestyle to its consumers.
The home grown brand has become a household name in India with its organic personal care range and believes in crafting products that are organic, safe and are made from plants that are grown without hazardous chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Through this ambitious campaign, the brand is celebrating its aspiration to support and promote organic lifestyle and respect for all beings and for Mother Nature. 
Celebrating its 6 successful years and launching the campaign, Rahul Agarwal, CEO- Organic Harvest said, “We firmly believe that chemicals are for laundry and not for the skin. Organic Harvest is not just a personal care range, it is a lifestyle. We are the pioneers in organic personal care product category and our brand motto is to make this world a better & beautiful place to live in, and what better way to do this, than to live a chemical free life, an organic life. My objective, through Organic Harvest, is to reach every individual and make them aware about the amount of harsh chemicals that not only have harmful effects on them but on the environment as a whole. 
Through this campaign, brand is urging people to take a closer look at their consumption patterns and “think beyond, live organic.”It is an anatomy of actions showcasing the lifestyle swaps that anyone, anywhere can take to support a more sustainable life.From the food we eat, products we apply to what we spend our money on- there is a suite of actions we can take to support the cultural shifts to adopt organic and sustainable lifestyle.
He also added, “We are extremely thankful to people who have shown confidence in our brand from the past 6 years. It is because of the consumer support that we’ve reached so far and taken such big initiatives today. This campaign resonates with the brand’s philosophy of providing a chemical-free organic experience to its consumers.”
The momentum is contagious, and it’s never too late to start. On its 6th birthday, Organic Harvest is encouraging people to adopt 6 simple actions through its exclusive outlets and e-commerce platform – plant trees for Greener planet, use organic personal care products for Green Skin, use reusable cloth/jute bag for shopping, De-digitize to reduce harmful radiation, adopt organic products to reduce chemicals from our living. 


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