Organ donation by Panchkula’s donor family saves life of 5 people



30 November 2021


Even after his death, 36-year-old Nipun Jain became a beacon of hope for many in-waiting organ failure patients as his family’s generous decision of organ donation amid their own grim tragedy resulted in saving the lives of five patients suffering from end-stage organ failure and battling for survival.

Alchemist Hospital Panchkula on Monday honoured the family members of Late Nipun Jain, IT professional, who died due to brain hemorrhage. The family was awarded a memento by the hospital to mark their inspirational act of selflessness and bravery.

Dr S K Sharma, HOD Renal sciences; Dr Neeraj Goyal, Senior Consultant Urology and Kidney Transplant Surgeon; Dr Ramesh Kumar Senior, Senior Consultant Nephrology; Dr Gaurav Jain, Consultant Neurologist; and Dr Manish Budhiraja, Consultant Neurosurgeon  from Alchemist Hospital Panchkula, were present during the ceremony.

Speaking on this occasion Dr Neeraj Goyal said, “Alchemist Hospital has conducted tricity’s first Cadaveric Organ Transplant in Private sector, with help of a team of doctors from PGIMER. Since this was the first such surgery in Panchkula, the hospital authorities contacted ROTTO and State health officials to take requisite permissions. A ‘Green Corridor’ was created between Alchemist Hospital Panchkula and PGIMER to transport 01 Kidney, Pancreas and 02 Corneas from Panchkula to Chandigarh with help of police.”

Dr S K Sharma said, “In India, every year nearly 500,000 lives are lost due to unavailability of organs. Statistics show that 150,000 people today are on a waiting list for kidney transplant. Heartbreakingly, only 6,000 of them (less than 1/50) get a chance at life again.”
Dr Ramesh Kumar- Senior Consultant Nephrology Said, “India ranks 2nd in world in Kidney transplants from Live Donor as 95% of transplants in India were living donors, whereas only 5% were cadaver (deceased).”

The doctors added that kidney diseases can be preventable by controlling diabetes, high blood pressure, salt intake, and by eating a balanced diet, proper intake of water. Doctors also said that people must not resist the urge to urinate, should not engage in self medication especially painkillers, and should quit smoking and drinking. Daily exercise is a must and people must drink healthy beverages, the doctors added.


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