8 March 2020


Celebrated motivational speaker, author and former IAS officer, Vivek Atray launched his latest book ‘Finding Success Within- 52 Life Skills for Young Indians’ today at the northern region headquarters of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Sector 31 in the presence of UT Advisor, Manoj Parida and Former Army Chief, General VP Malik (retd.).

“In order to attain success in life, one not only requires knowledge but also a positive attitude, proficient skills in communication, and the caliber to approach and handle different situations. In this book, Vivek Atray has done a marvelous job in providing such simple yet practical tips for the youth,” said General V P Malik (retd.).

While speaking on the occasion, UT Advisor, Manoj Parida said, “It is a life changing book and the author has a flair for writing and the flow comes from within. His bureaucratic experience tinged with his spiritual leanings has brought out the ultimate life skills. The book should be a Bible for youngsters.”

Mrs. Lippi Parida, Author, Painter, and wife of UT Advisor, Manoj Parida was also present at the launch along with the Vivek Atray and his wife, Mrs. Neena Atray.

“Motivational speaker, Vivek Atray has made a great attempt in his latest book to guide the youth to find success and happiness. This book gives us 52 skills that can definitely help the youth to carve their own niche,” shared Mrs. Parida.

An array of distinguished personalities from the bureaucracy, judiciary, industry, academia, and media were also present at the book launch.

While providing a sneak-peak into the book, author Vivek Atray shared, “The true meaning of success is lost somewhere in the quagmire of expectations and desires that all human beings experience regularly, especially in the current times. Success cannot be measured by materialistic parameters but by a true sense of inner peace and joy.”

“The young people of India need to be assured by the parents and teachers that life is not about the ‘marks’ but about ‘making a mark’ in the long run!” he further added.

The book transcribes the diverse experiences of Mr. Atray who dons various hats including that of a cricketer, an engineer, an IAS officer, and a celebrated motivational speaker. In this book, he has jotted down 52 golden nuggets for success and happiness for the youth.

From acquiring presentation and networking skills, to brushing up on innovation and entrepreneurship, this book focuses on the different life skills that one must acquire in order to reach the zenith of success.

“There is a constant need for each one of us to polish our edges and keep the creative flame burning bright in order to seek eternal inner-peace instead of transient pleasures,” resonated Mr. Atray.

The Foreword of ‘Finding Success Within- 52 Life Skills for Young Indians’ has been written by Shiv Khera, an internationally renowned author, educator, Business Consultant and a much sought-after speaker. The book has been published by Invincible Publishers and is available online for purchase.


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