19 November 2017


Northeast Youth fest 2017 was  organized in Chandigarh by the Students of North East with support and collaboration of Father Reji Tom  Director of Don Bosco Navjeevan Society Sector 24 Chandigarh . It seeks to bring together the best minds of the Northeast in corporate world, academia, journalism and in one platform. It  celebrated success stories of the region while felicitating those who have made the country together. This is the first time that achievers across all platforms  assembled at one place in order to build a positive image of the Northeastern states,said Father Reji Tom.

Mr Vivek Atray motivated students in inaugural session , he said

Most of us go about life focussing on our own problems, our own goals and our own happiness. While this way of thinking is rather natural for most human beings, people with superior emotional intelligence seem to centre their thoughts on others and the bigger picture of life. Peter Stark puts it rather starkly when he says “Emotional Intelligence is when you finally realise, it’s not all about you!”
The possession of qualities like empathy and balance is an essentiality if one is to find and retain that elusive inner peace. And clearly it is the individual who retains that calm in the face of turbulent times, who finally wins the battle of life.


And at the same time the target of this event  be the youth. The youth of today are not only the demographic dividend and working hands alone but the leaders of tomorrow.

The idea of this event was to highlight “Northeast” as a vibrant and positive story. The two day conclave  featured seminar talks which  hosted industry leaders, academicians,  and students. It  also featured debate competitions, photography competitions and Q&A sessions with famous personalities from the NorthEast and wise people of Chandigarh . Both days  also showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region in form of music performance and food festival. The target audience was in essence the students from all universities, institution, college from Chandigarh as well as the region who got positive ideas, stories and role models to emulate.


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