North Zone Cultural Center in Collaboration with Creative Thrust presenting an exhibition of photography – Impulse  



9 March 2018


NZCC in collaboration with Creative Thrust has  organized a photo exhibition from 9 March to 11 march 2018 in Kala Gram Chandigarh. The Exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Kamal Arora, Chairman Sangeet Natak Academy, Chandigarh.

The group show has depicted a Visual diary of ten photographer’s experiences in various fields and issues in cotemporary era. Each photograph is a snapshot of different perspective of life. It reflects the sense of amazement and wonder about the unique human experience and a unique view of our day to day life. The exhibition is bold that purely depict the different emotional, physical and psychological states of photographer’s perspective.


Photographers also raise the social issues like, Mohan Singh Karakoti, presented the life of workers in brick kilns, the lowest paid strata of society in terms of wages and nutrition. Hritu Pawar shows the life of vanishing tribe “Baiga”their tattoo art or their inherited practices. Rohit Kumar Baldodia’s worked on water conservation in remote areas of Rajesthan. all photographers depicted different perspective of life. We would like to present this visual treat in different cities in India, said Ashish Bhattacharya, founder, Creative Thrust India.

Creative Thrust is a group of photographers and artists, that aim to establish a link between different art forms, especially those threatened by the demands of capitalism or the pace of urban life. The timeline of Creative Thrust includes  photo-walks, photo-tours, workshops, lecture demonstrations, discussions and interactions with motivated and creative experts of different fields. we would like to give an opportunity to those who would like explore the world through their lens.

Participants artist—- Arpit Didwania, Hritu Pawar, Mandeep Kaur, Mohan Singh, Rohit Kumar, Paramita Nath, Rohit Dey, Pawan Yadav, Satish Mohan.


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