30 April 2023


In the month of one-year anniversary of winning Mina Cup, it couldn’t have been a bigger surprise for the budding footballers of the academy than a megastar visiting the hub of Indian Football. The reigning ONE MMA Heavyweight World Champion, Arjan Singh Bhullar graced the Academy by visiting us and spending some valuable time with us.

Arjan Singh Bhullar is not just the reigning ONE MMA Heavyweight Champion but also a Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist. He was greeted in the academy with a grand and heroic reception where the footballers were waiting with garlands to make his visit a special one.
The big man from Canada met all the players and they had a great honour to not just see him live but to have interacted with him as well. He’s not only been a pride of Punjab but also been a flagbearer of the country.

He had a tour of the academy and was very impressed with the setup and infrastructure. Fitness and recovery is a majorly crucial aspect of the game and hence he was pleased to see the brand-new physiotherapy center and indoor rehab pool.

In addition, the setup was perfect for developing and nurturing young talents, with a 3000 sq. ft indoor gym and a number of fields for the players to train. The atmosphere was wholesome and the World Champion was quite impressed with the facilities and seeing the athletes train there.

The highlight of all the good things was him giving his Belt to Mr. Ranjit Bajaj, the Director of Minerva Academy Football Academy who also happens to be a great friend and hence the Minerva Academy along with his kind, motivating and words of pride, “Minerva is mine, you guys are a part of me and this Belt is also a part of you guys”.

Overall to sum it up, it was a great evening out there at the Academy with all broad smiles and happy faces.


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