Members of Sangrur Tax Bar Association protest against strict provisions of GST Act



29 January 2021


Lawyers of Sangrur Tax Bar Association today held a protest outside the office of Central and State Tax offices in Sangrur against the strict provisions of the GST act. The protest was headed by President Advocate Ashok Kumar Bansal. A memorandum of demands was submitted to the Assistant Commissioner (State Tax) and Deputy Commissioner (Center Tax) at Sangrur. About 25-30 lawyers and members of the Sangrur Tax Bar Association gathered outside the tax offices to exhibit the extent of pain and misery of all the tax professionals against abnormal working of the law framing authorities.

President Advocate Ashok Bansal in his address said that since the enactment of GST Act, the living conditions of tax lawyers and traders has turned worse. The GST law continues to change frequently and new notifications continue to be issued by the authorities. Many tax associations had earlier come together and submitted a memorandum to the Finance Minister in this regard, but it had no effect on the concerned authorities. So now it is being protested by tax lawyers at all India level.


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