Meet the Witty Poet of Vijaynagar Kingdom; Tenali Rama a.k.a Krishna Bharadwaj



11 July 2017


Sony SAB’s folklore comedy show Tenali Rama is the talk of the town lately for its unique story line. The show will have the very talented actor Krishna Bharadwaj as Rama Krishna who hails from a small village called Tenali. Tenali Rama is a witty poet who makes his way into the court of King Krishnadevraya, the King of Vijaynagar Kingdom. Here is a conversation with Tenali Rama a.k.a Krishna Bharadwaj.

How does it feel to be the lead of Tenali Rama?

When I got this show I didn’t know the show will start on such a huge grandeur. Till now it has not sunk into my head that I am the part of such a good show.

How would you describe Tenali?

Tenali Rama’s character is very much like Lord Krishna. In fact, I think he is Lord Krishna of the present world. Just like Lord Krishna, Tenali is mischievous, naughty and funny with a lot of wisdom and belief in his philosophy towards positive life. He is a problem solver with a pinch of wit and humor.

Do you find any common traits with Tenali?

We both are totally opposite. I am a thinker and very silent. When I am acting it takes a lot of efforts to become Tenali Rama. Only thing that Tenali and I have common is we both are philosophical. But I am learning to be witty in real life. He is very carefree and I am very reserved. So, we are poles apart.

What are the challenges that you faced while playing Tenali Rama?

Firstly, the language is very different than what we usually speak. The way they pronounce certain words is very different. Secondly, Tenali is very carefree and it takes time to get into the character.

Given a chance like Tenali to have wisdom or wealth, what would you choose?

I would choose wisdom. For me, wisdom is very important.

We see a unique choti that dances over your head. Tell us about it.

The cute choti is Tenali’s alter ego and he calls him Bandhu. Everyone has an alter ego and it comes out when a person is stuck in a dilemma. The same way this Choti a.k.a Bandhu is Tenali’s is alter ego which comes out when he is in trouble. They both keep fighting with each other. They have no choice left but to deal with each other. Though he is very naughty but he helps Tenali and advises him too.

Which was your favorite folklore?

I used to read Chanda Mama, Bal Hans and Nandan as I come from a rich literature background. I used to read a lot of books.

Catch Krishna Bharadwaj as Tenali Rama every Monday-Friday at 8 pm only on Sony SAB!



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