Me-Too Workshop by Panchkula Ladies Club



16 October 2018


Panchkula Ladies  Club  organised a workshop on ME-TOO at sector 9 office of social activist Renu Mathur. Me too means mein bhi- survivor hun.
Me too is a movement against sexual harrasment & sexual assault. Me too movement was founded by Tarane Burke  2006. Me too spread virally in October 2017 to demonstrate prevalence of sexual assault & harassment at workplace.
In India Me too got inspiration from USA.
ME TOO  gained popularity in October 2018 when actress Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual harrasement.
Previously females & elders of family used to keep quiet even after incidences of sexual harrasement  so that family is not defamed. But in modern era females are coming forward with complaints about social violence  so that men get punishment & other men get a lesson not to hurt females sexually.
President of Panchkula Ladies Club  Sharda Kathpalia said members of club have taken steps  to help those female sufferers of sexual  violence by  emotioal,  moral support & counselling & referring them to doctors if needed.
Members present were Anita Mehta,  Sunita Nain, Renu Sabharwal, Anita Gulati, Satwinder Kaur, Annu Goyal & Nirmal Katyal.


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