17 June 2021


It was on this day 15 years back, Jagdeep Kaur and Satish Arora tied the knot and and embarked on a new journey. Their marriage was a solemn and affair. Only few near and dear one attended it. Satish refused to accept anything in the name of dowry. The newly wed started their blissful journey from a one room rented accommodation. It was a humble beginning but was destined for greatness. Marriage may be a dreary responsibility for some but for Jagdeep and Satish, it was a liberating experience.

Both of them had one thing in common and that was their unsatiating appetite for adventure and exploration. They just loved wandering. This passion has taken them literally to places.

Jagdeep and Satish has visited dozens of foreign and domestic destinations in last decade. They have been to places like USA , England, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more exotic countries. They have a great liking for domestic destinations also and have visited places like Srinagar, Darjiling, Banglore and Pune etcetera. In fact they pack their bag atleast twice in the year. Covid has played a spoiler in last couple of years but it had hardly dampened their spirits. They are just waiting the pandemic to be over and are right on the block for their next sojourn.

It was a rollercoaster ride for both Jagdeep and Satish in their professional life also. They started their journey together with a humble Maruti 800 and today they ride latest and luxurious Mercedes Benz. Jagdeep Kaur is heading successful ventures like Dance Pe Chance and Kushan Productions while Satish Arora has his own IT company Appsmartz. One room tenement has been replaced by a 6 BHK sprawling apartment. Both of them are fully enjoying the fruit of their success.

We always loved outdoors and wanted to spend quality time with each other and that was not possible with our routine hectic life. Thus we decided to take a break at regular intervals and the result of that decision is there for everyone to see, says Jagdeep Kaur. The world is so beautiful and we have discovered it with our own experiences, she further says. His husband Satish also endorses sitting next to her.


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