Make yourself strong with *FULL MOON MEDITATION*

16 May 2019
Wesak marks the highpoint of the spiritual year when forces of enlightenment associated with the Buddha pour into the planet.
During this highpoint of the year our greatest service is to prepare ourselves spiritually for the energy pouring into humanity, and to hold the inner connection in daily life, visualizing ourselves as a pure channel of light in alignment. The Wesak Festival is truly a group effort, an accumulated aspiration to be part of the chain of Hierarchy – one great cosmic magnet – through which the spiritual tide of energy from Taurus, and from the Buddha, can flow into human hearts and minds, unifying, lifting and revealing the fact of the kingdom of God.
Let’s come together on this very special Wesak full moon meditation to make a budget for the coming year. To bless and fill our targets and plans with the energies of the great great ones.
Organiser YPV Trcity requests to all the tricity for joining Full Moon Meditation on 18th May, 2019, Saturday at 5pm in IMA Complex, near Church, Sector 35 Chandigarh.


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