Vanshika Sharma as SAM from Sony SAB’s Aadat Se Majboor-

Hailing from Punjab, Lohri is part of my fondest childhood memories. A festival I used to look forward to every year, our very own version of  fun around the bonfire, bidding adieu to the foggy chilling cold winter nights. My families and friends used to gather together around the bonfire, singing songs and even dancing along with enjoying the mungfalli and revadi. The rituals of praying to the sacred Lohri fire, have their own charm which warm our hearts even today.


Priyamvada Kant as Sharda from Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama-

I have some very fond memories of the festival since childhood. Since I am from Delhi. We used to look forward to Delhi winters as the end of winter heralded the festival of  Lohri. My friends and I would get together and dance around the bonfire and it was so much fun. I have kept up the tradition even here in Bombay and we celebrate the festival every year at a friend’s garden.


Anup Upadhyay as Murari from Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain-

There are many fond memories related to Lohri. I have few friends from Punjab, I even had the opportunity of celebrating the festival with them in Punjab which was a memorable one. This festival is especially close to the farmers as it celebrates the joy of harvesting. One very sweet ritual is of offering the yummy Prasad of Revadi (tilgul) to the fire. I wish everyone a Happy Lohri. Enjoy it to the fullest.


Vipul Roy as Aditya from Sony SAB’s Partners- Trouble ho gayi double-

My mother is from Punjab where Lohri is celebrated on a very large scale. They distribute revadi (tilgul) as prasad during the fetsival and as a child I still remember the thrill of eating the same revadi which was offered to the fire god right out of the fire ! That moment was etched in my mind forever and I will remember it for life.


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