26 May 2018


Lion Services  today made an announcement to conduct monthly distribution of sanitary napkins to its female sanitation staff. This unique initiative was announced by the company as it celebrated Menstrual Hygiene Day in Sec-46 Community Centre in the presence of councilors Ms. Asha Jaswal and Ms. Sunita Dhawan.

The event comprised of an awareness session on menstrual hygiene for the female cleaning crew by a gynaecologist who interacted with them and also answered their queries on the issue.  The company distributed free sanitary pads to the staff and to make its effort a sustainable one, it also announced to conduct this distribution on a regular basis.

Menstrual Hygiene Day is observed worldwide on May 28 every year and this event was a CSR initiative planned by the organization to mark the same.

Appreciating the initiative of monthly distribution of pads taken by the company, Ms. Asha Jaswal said,“This is a remarkable and one of its kind initiative taken by Lion Services Ltd. Topics like Menstrual Hygiene are often taken for guaranteed by everyone, even though it is such an integral part of being a woman. Lack of awareness and resources in this regard are detrimental to the health of women everywhere. Taking this step of distributing sanitary napkins to cleaning crew on a monthly basis is a wonderful step by the company.”

Commenting on the theme of the event, Ms. Sunita Dhawan said, “It’s a good thing that importance of talking about such issues is now being recognized at a global level. There is a large section of society in India where women are still not much aware of how to take care of their health and hygiene during menstruation. It’s commendable that Lion Services Ltd. has taken this initiative of celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day with their female sanitation staff. It is something nobody else has thought of doing before.”


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