2 March 2019


The second and the concluding day of KAARVAAN-2K19:annual cultural fest of DAV College ,Chandigarh witnessed utmost enthusiasm and excitement among the visitors and the participants . Spellbound performances across plethora of events including poetry, gazal, electronic dance music, nati, bhangra and gidha captivated the audience as well as the organizers.

The events started with vandana to goddess Saraswati: the goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and nature, to endow human beings with powers of speech, wisdom and learning. The slam poetry event  promoted the creation and performance of poetry that engages communities and provided a platform for voices to be heard beyond social, cultural, political, and economic barriers . Music , which has always reflected the people’s mood and emotions , was in a new incarnation in the electronic dance music event. Music played during the event reflected the dynamic groove and the burning spirit of today’s youth, who are looking for opportunities to let their extra energy and futuristic aspirations out of their bodies.

The traditional nati dance presented by the students reflected the languid elegance of Himachal Pradesh. Students dressed in traditional attire danced in circles to folk music and portrayed the simple Pahari lifestyle.  Much like the slowly swaying trees, soft hilly breeze and smoothly flowing rivers, the performers arranged themselves in a circle and rhythmically danced to the beats produced by musical instruments.

Electrifying gidda and bhangra performances added a spark of revelry among the audience. Bright clothes, rhythmic clapping, vibrant colors and traditional folk songs blended with elegance made the audience to dance and swirl in joy. Bhangra performance by the students of the dance club of the college reflected the vigor , the vitality, the leaven of exuberance and hilarity permeated among the men of Punjab.

Besides all the events, a photography exhibition exhibiting grandeur work of photographer from the college’s photograpgy club: The Pixels, was also organized. The scintillating work of photography on exhibition were telling the stories the writer would have failed to put into words.The work made photography an art of observation where young photographers of the college found something interesting in ordinary places.
The day ended with a soulful and soothing performance by renowned Punjabi singer Satinder Sartaj.Satinder united the audience with the divine by striking soulful and mystic chords. He mixed Sufi and punjabi folk, evolving something quite different with the same soulful vibe of traditional sufi music.His performance included chartbusters from his various albums including masoomiat, raseed and sai. Rain caused by western disturbances failed to dampen the spirits of the students and the organizers. Principal Dr Pawan Sharma applauded the efforts of the staff, volunteers and everyone else who helped putting up a splendid show.


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