9 November 2019
The History Department of DAV College, Chandigarh organized a profound play ‘Jis Lahore nai vekhya o Jamya hi nai’ performed by the students of the College. The chief guest for the event was Dr. Devi Sarohi and other guests of honor included Principal Arya( retired), Prof.Anju Suri, Prof.Umesh Vinayak(retired), Principal Anjali Sharma, DAV School and Prof. K.K.Gupta.
The play revolves around the period of Partition and the anguish followed by it which is felt even today. The play, directed by Dr Suman Bharti started with the well wishes received from Dr. Iqbal Chawla, Dean, Cultural Affairs, Punjab University Lahore and Dr. Amna Shafakat, English Language and Literature Teacher, Punjab University,Lahore. The hard work of the students paid off and they did justice to the play by transporting the audience into that era. The audience felt the pain, got goosebumps and left crying.The play got concluded with the speech by Dr. Jyotirmaya Khatri, HOD History and words of appreciation by Dr. Pawan Sharma, the Principal of the college.


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