21 August 2017


Panjab University should be given the status of a Central University. Panjab University has to overcome its financial crisis. We all need to combine our strengths to steer towards this common objective. There should not be any personal hidden agenda to be pursued in the garb of genuine goals for the betterment of Panjab University.

Let us think positively. We should not create one crisis after the other for the disadvantage to our University. The more controversies we raise, the more troubles we create for our PU fraternity. And that would ultimately weaken our strength and resolve to struggle collectively for the betterment of Panjab University. United we win, divided we fall!

We must isolate those who stalled the CAS promotions in our campus while drumming the issue of extension of API deadline as was passed in the PU Senate. We all know that some vested interests have opened a permanent channel of filing RTIs on manufactured grievances and pitfalls against our University for the last few years, thereby denying the genuine demand of Ph.D increments to younger faculty. We must unite and defeat all such negative forces for taking our University to new academic heights and financial viability. What benefit are these forces supposed to gain from painting our temple of higher learning in ugly colours? They won’t understand that the ship they want to wreck would also sink them. Let us resolve that we will not allow these forces to succeed in their nefarious designs.

Institution’s of repute take years to develop. But it is very easy to malign and destroy them merely for one’s ego sake and notorious vested interests.

As we all know that our University faculty members’ strength in the Senate is small in comparison to that of the colleges. PUTA President represents University teachers in the Senate also. It is an additional seat for the teaching community in the Senate. If someone who is already a Senate member become PUTA President that further reduces our strength in the Senate. So we appeal our esteemed colleagues to elect a non-senator candidate for the position of President of PUTA.

We promise to work honestly and transparently for the betterment of our Panjab University and will do our best to save this heritage institute of national importance from those who wanted to malign it for their narrow vested interests.

We once again appeal to our esteemed fraternity to come together, vote and support us to make our Panjab University financially viable to achieve new heights in the domain of academic




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