Jaspal Bhatti’s Birthday celebrated in a unique way

Jaspal Bhatti Humor Festival-2017


Photo By Vinay Kumar


3 March 2017


Jaspal Bhatti Humor Festival 2017 kicked start with an entertainment package of Punjabi comedy by Ssumier Pasricha (of Pummy Aunty fame) Gunjan Utreja, Deepak Raja, Shugli Fugli and Satti Sembi. On the Eve of Jaspal Bhatti’s Birthday, the festival started at Tagore theater Sector-18 Chandigarh at 6:30 pm. Savita bhatti and many other artists gave their tribute to Jaspal Bhatti “the Sardar of Satire”. Last year it had been decided that every year on 3rd March, which is Mr Bhatti’s Birthday, the Administration would organize a humor festival.

Photo by Vinay Kumar
Photo By Vinay Kumar

The second day of Festival will showcase English comedy by Joe Bath as the host with popular comedians Amit Tandon, Atul khatri and Jeeveshu Ahluwalia on Saturday.


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