7 July 2020


Dallas based Music Producer, Singer, Composer and DJ Ayaz Ismail, along with his sister Awatif Ismail, an undergraduate student at The University of Texas at Dallas are coming up with an innovative platform for learning iThinkSmart. In conversation with Ayaz Ismail, here’s his take on the project.

What is iThinkSmart exactly?

To just simplify and say – iThinkSmart is a Learning Center and Sound Design Studio.

What is the idea behind iThinkSmart?

iThinkSmart was a dream plan, the learning aspect of it came much later, as studio was the main attraction to the business. My sister Awatif and I implemented the thought of sharing our knowledge with society and thought to create a learning center.

This is a platform where we can teach creative studies. Most learning centers focus on one idea which is Math, English etc, but we have created something beyond that. In one platform you can get access to everything. Music lessons, animation, K-12 curriculum with interactivity.

We focus more on hands-on rather than theory. Yes, theory is also important, but constant practice with critical thinking is even more crucial. iThinkSmart also offers online courses and we are soon introducing online Tabla lessons.

What benefits will students get from iThinksmart?

There are lots of benefits that students will get. There will be a variety of learning accessibility. The core structure will be a design based course and basic curriculum. We are doing online music lessons as well. We are introducing online Tabla lessons and a variety of Indian instruments library where students can learn from anywhere in the world.

What can students learn at iThinksmart?

There is a lot to be covered here like K-12 curriculum, creative studies (animations, Photoshop, illustrator, web design, UI and UX), music lessons from some of the finest of the industry.

What variety of instruments can students learn at iThinksmart?

There are a variety of instruments like Guitar, Piano, and Online Tabla Lesson from India.

When did you think about helping students with iThinksmart?

I wanted students to grasp details rather than just theory. At iThinkSmart you are hands-on and you think about what is coming next. It includes critical thinking, powerful analysis, and the idea executed.

It will prepare the students to think hands-on rather than theory based curriculum. Practical knowledge more than theory, sounds cool.

What are the course durations?

Studies will be of one hour and 30 minutes. Music lessons will be starting for 45 minutes to one hour. For K-12 Curriculum and Creative studies the duration will be twice and thrice per week.

Awatif, what have been your emotions, experience and take on working with your brother to achieve iThinkSmart?

Working with my brother has not only brought us closer, but we have appreciated each other’s work, abilities, determination and the creativity we both carry.

I am blessed and grateful to be able to go through this journey with him and fulfil the dreams we both had for our family. I can’t wait to see what else we both can achieve in the future.


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