3 July 2021


You must have seen children showing the magic of their art in big reality shows, but now the world’s yongest girl will play the magic of talking as the host of a talk show. This little girl is Ipsita, a student of Manav Mangal School, Panchkula. Being convinced of Ipsita’s talent, NRI and entrepreneur Gurpreet Singh Kang gave her a chance to become the host of the super show Super Class. This talk show is not about small children, but Ipsita is going to face off with big entrepreneurs and bureaucrats who have a special status in the society.

Super Show Super Class was launched at hotel Aroma  in Chandigarh Sector-22. The talk show was launched by Gurpreet Singh Kang, the first guest of the show and mentor of the little girl. The show was conceptualized by NRI and entrepreneur Gurpreet Singh Kang. Gurpreet Singh Kang himself is a writer. Whose two books have already been published.

Gurpreet Singh Kang told that this show is for those businessmen and entrepreneurs who make a big contribution to the economy of the country. Gurpreet Singh Kang said that he is also an investor and he also has a business. He told that there has been a lot of difference in the business situation after the Corona period. The effort of the show is to boost the businessmen and industrialists and bring back their energy.

He said that only a few entrepreneurs who make a significant contribution to the country’s economy are able to come forward. The show will bring to the fore such entrepreneurs who have been able to make a big mark in life on the strength of struggle. He said that the revenue model of the country depends on such entrepreneurs. Whether it is a small entrepreneur or a big entrepreneur, everyone has a contribution.

He said that there are going to be three benefits to the entrepreneurs from this show. The first is that they will get a chance to adjust with each other, secondly their inspirational stories will come in front of the people and thirdly through entrepreneurs, the youth will get new employment opportunities.

Gurpreet Singh Kang told that he has written a book about lifestyle, Absolute Liberation and along with that he has also launched a collection of his Punjabi poems, Do Mana Da Yudh. Which has been praised by famous litterateur Surjit Patar himself. He said that the concept of this show was conceptualised a year ago. He Was looking for a host for this. When he saw the videos on Ipsita’s YouTube channel, he liked it a lot and he recognized the hidden talent within Ipsita and decided to make Ipsita the host of the show. The show is being produced by an international shooting company based in Chandigarh. Gurpreet Singh Kang said that their aim is to bring out the hidden talent in the children. He said that at present the show will be launched on the YouTube platform. Along with this, efforts are being made to bring this show on the OTT platform.
Ipsita told that she used to put her short videos on her YouTube channel along with her brother Abhipsit. Gurpreet Kang sir saw these videos and he gave her a chance in this show. It is indeed a reality show which she has really enjoyed working on. Ipsita said it was a challenge for her. Because talking to elders, that too serious conversation is not so easy. Ipsita said that she has learned to accept the challenge since childhood. Ipsita said that Gurpreet sir called her for this and when she saw some confidence in her conversation, he gave her a chance.


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