1 June 2019


Cosmetic gynaecology is much beyond looking just good,  it’s also about permanent solutions to female medical problems and it’s to suffuse confidence and bring back the glow that women lose due to gynaecological problems, said Dr Preeti Jindal, organising Chairperson of International Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Gynecology Conference, ‘COSGYNAE 2019’, organised first time in India. Dr Jindal was flanked by President American Aesthetic Association Dr Ayman EL Attar, Plastic & aesthetic surgeon from Morocco Dr Jamila Atannaz, Urogynaecologist & aesthetic surgeon from Israel Dr Ronen Gold, Prof. Complutense University Madrid Spain Dr Ernesto D Cidranes and Aesthetic Gynaecologist from Poland Dr Malgorzata  Uchman.

For the first time international and national Cosmetic Gynaecologists, Plastic surgeons and Dermatologists from USA, Spain, Poland UAE, Kuwait, Morocco, Israel, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc have gathered at one platform to disseminate knowledge, foster research and innovation, advance education, training and encourage multidisciplinary collaboration in Women Cosmetic Health.

The three day conference specially focuses on new treatment modalities to cure aging problems in women like leakage of urine on coughing, laughing; recurrent urinary infections; pain during intimate relations, stretch marks treatment; skin laxity etc.  It discussed the role of latest painless few minutes treatment like laser; radiofrequency; PRP (platelet rich plasma) in cure of these conditions.

It also deals with relief for acid attack victims as they get disfigured with lots of scars. Laser, radiofrequency, PRP and reconstructive fillers etc are painless ways for curing their scars and giving them respectable life.

She said that the event covers topics on laser, labiaplasty, fillers & chemical peels, clitoral surgeries, liposuction, stretch marks, sui lasers and much more. It is a great opportunity for the newer entrants to learn these advanced techniques and at the same time for established ones to update their knowledge and hone their skills to even more, she said.

Dr Jindal said that this first international interdisciplinary aesthetic gynaecology conference and live workshop ‘Cosgynae 2019’ is covering gynaecology, plastic surgery, dermatology. Under the aegis of by The Touch Clinic (Advanced IVF, Cosmetic Gynae and High Risk Pregnancy Centre) Mohali the event is being held in association with the Vascular Society for Limb Salvage, Chandigarh Dermatology Society, Plastic Surgeons of the tricity and Mohali Obstetrics & Gynecology Society.

It is supported by PGI ex heads Dr Kalavasistha, Dr Indu Gupta, Dr Vanita Suri. PGI dermatology head Dr Sunil Dogra & Dr Rita Bhardwaj civil surgeon Mohali were patrons.


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