19 August 2017


Daler Mehndi wowed 20,000 strong audiences with his songs and electrifying performance last night in the capital, as India joined him along with fans from Turkey and Brazil in these celebrations.

To an encore, he started with “Azaadi ki yeh raat hai, Krishna bhagton ka bhi sath hai” an extempore setting of words on the tune of his celebrated song “Na na na  na na re” from the  late 90’s blockbuster Mrityudata featuring Daler Mehndi and Amitabh Bachhan.

Picture this – 9 pm,  40 deg  c, nearly 70% humidity , an undulated poorly fabricated stage with stairs leading the stage covered by masking sans risers absolutely unfit for the faint hearted, a sweat drenched crowd being pushed aside by an equally heavily perspiring bouncers as their beloved pop star makes his way to the Stage.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Govind Gopala and many other songs set to his famous blockbusters regaled and enthralled the audiences.  Accompanying Daler was his band of highly trained, brilliant musicians, churning one hit after another and the crowds eating out of the hands of the maverick dance machine.


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