IMA Chandigarh condemns the Right to health bill by Rajasthan Government



27 March 2023


IMA Chandigarh doctors protested at IMA complex, Chandigarh against the draconian and dangerous right to health bill by Rajasthan Government.  IMA Chandigarh President Dr. Ramnik Sharma said that the bill infringes upon a person’s right to work and pursue the profession or business as enshrined in the constitution. The bill enables people to take treatment at private health care centres without payment. Providing health care to its citizens is the responsibility of the government. It will be a death knell for the private sector.
The nationwide protest by doctors on call given by IMA can escalate if the demands are not acceded to.The bill will lead to disputes and violence, as it is impossible to provide health services free of cost. This is not right to force private doctors to provide health services free of cost. It should be done by government, quasi- government, public sector clinical establishments. Therefore IMA Chandigarh State Branch strongly condemns this Draconian Right to Health Bill brought in by Rajasthan Govt.


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