If you do not want to wear a mask for the rest of your life, then definitely wear it till October 2, may not be required thereafter – Dr. Ravi Godse



4 July 2021


Dr. Ravi Godse, a world-renowned doctor of internal medicine in USA, in a session with Dr. HK Kharbanda, former assistant professor and senior homeopathic physician, Chandigarh, talked about on prediction of the end of Coronavirus by July 1, he said that his words are true but now we should stop counting, the number of deaths are due to last 3-4 weeks cases, because the delta variant spreads rapidly, that is why the cases are coming still but now the corona will become endemic, so now just focus on the vaccine and open everything. * Dr Godse said that now the time has come, instead of contact tracing, testing and counting cases, focus be on the strategy of vaccinating everyone.

England’s wave is good news because hospitalisation is not required in most cases . Dr Godse said on the zero tolerance policy of New Zealand and Australia that it is not right to lock the whole country due to a handful of cases.
More infections are seen in children shows success of the vaccine as virus is no more affecting vaccinated adults .

Delta Plus variant is not dangerous, but a lot of study is needed now, so there is no need to fear,

India is on the threshold of herd immunity, so there is no possibility of third wave coming, vaccinate everyone and move towards normal life.

Talking about the latest data of Covaxin, he revealed it is 93% effective against serious diseases, 65% against delta, 78% against minor infections.


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