“Hip problems  on the rise  among elderly people but these are 100 pc treatable”: Dr Pardeep Aggarwal



28 November 2023


“Treatment of hip problems like fractures involving a multidisciplinary approach takes a maximum of 15 minutes and in case a hip replacement is needed this can be done in 45 minutes, these interventions enable patients, even the elderly, return to their daily activities and maintain a good quality of life. So one should not delay treatment of hip problems “, says Dr Pardeep Aggarwal, a well-known orthopaedic surgeon and knee replacement expert.  Dr Pardeep Aggarwal, a Gold Medalist is the Chairman, Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surgery at 200 bedded Super-specialty Paras Hospital, Panchkula.

Having created a niche for himself with over 50,000 surgeries to his credit in a career spanning over 36 years, thus making a substantial impact on the lives of numerous individuals, Dr Aggarwal says: “In a hip replacement surgery the  hospital stay of the patient is limited to just three to five days. What’s more, post hip replacement recovery is quite fast. Even for an elderly patient it takes just  four weeks for him or her to return to normal life; though we make the patient stand on the first day itself with a walker.”

When asked how to avoid complications, he said: “To avoid complications, make the patient ambulatory as early as possible. Good hospital setting, super-specialty set up is a must to safely treat elderly patients, who generally have underlying diseases.”

Reflecting further about the latest strides in hip replacement, Dr Aggarwal said that “Given the advancement in technologies, fixation of hip fracture and a hip replacement surgery, can be done in record time. Dual mobility acetabular cups are available and these have a low incidence of dislocation. Moreover, ceramic femoral heads are available, which last much longer than traditional implants,” he said.

Talking about the reasons for the increase in incidents of hip fractures among the elderly people, Dr Aggarwal, said: “Osteoporosis is the underlying cause wherein bones have low bone mineral density especially in hip, spine and wrist area. Hip bone fractures after trivial fall lead to recumbent state unless the fracture is fixed or hip replacement done.”

Dr Aggrawal, who has been honoured by Haryana Government twice and was recently conferred with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ , said that hip fracture is very common in old age. “If left untreated, it leads to bed ridden state and attendant complications and even death. Therefore, I will recommend immediate treatment wherever it is required,” he said.

Dr Aggarwal, has successfully operated on 112 years old Lokadin from HP in 2005, who lived for six years more, and four other cases of patients in the 100 plus age bracket. He said that he has done successful knee replacement for a  90 years old patient making him pain-free and independent. He has also done shoulder replacement surgery for severe painful osteoarthritis of shoulder joint in many cases.

In reply to a question, Dr Aggarwal said that after treatment or hip replacement, pain is relieved completely. He also advises that one should be very careful while driving to avoid accidents and one should take care of his or her bones. “Good diet, exercise, calcium and Vitamin D supplements, and exposure to sunlight also help a lot,” sums up Dr Aggawral.


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