Haryana environmental organisation unveils project – Mission Green India



17 February 2019


With an aim to protect, enhance and reinstate India’s green cover by planting 10 crore trees across the nation, a Haryana based environmental organisation- Swachh Parayavran Trust has unveiled an initiative – ‘Mission Green India’.  Manjeet Singh, Managing Trustee, Swachh Parayavran Trust also made an announcement of Vishwa Yagya Mahotsav, world’s first and largest 1,08,000 (one lakh eight thousand) Kundi Yagya to be organized in February 2020 after completing the green yatra(Mission Green India) movement.

Manjeet Singh said, “Under the Mission Green India movement we aim to preserve the purity of our environment. Through this we will plant more than 10 crore saplings throughout this year by travelling across 108 cities of our country spanning from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Kutch to Kohima.  This green yatra will also be a great opportunity for us to interact with the masses and to share our aim & mission with  them.”

It is noteworthy that the plantation will start from Chandigarh- which apart from being a UT is capital of Haryana & Punjab and a gateway to the hill state of Himachal Pradesh.

Speaking on the Vishwa Yagya Mahotsav Manjeet Singh said, “The mahotsav will be a 1,08,000 Kundi Yagya for a period of 9 days during the month of February 2020 & will take place to celebrate the culmination of the green yatra. The yagya will be a convergence of spiritual tradition and scientific approach towards a clean environment. Yagya has been considered as one of the holiest exercises because of its scientific and cultural benefits.”

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, India’s Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare also appreciated the effort and shared his views through a written message given to Swachh Parayavran Trust. He said, “I heartily congratulate Swachh Paryavaran Trust for their initiative towards green environment by planting trees across the nation.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Swachh Parayavran Trust has been striving for sustainability and more eco-friendly ventures with its efforts in the green energy field. The continued depletion of natural resources has led to major initiatives such as, Mission Green India. The initiative is set to become a wonderful learning lesson for the common man and make every one more environmentally aware than ever. The idea is to create a world where natural resources are equitably available, and the future generation stays healthier.


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