19 January 2024


Renowned for his unwavering commitment to the betterment of the society and leading an impactful life filled with captivating trails, Harjinder Pal Singh, a Panjab University alumni launched his autobiography titled ‘Semi-Luckiest’ here at Chandigarh Press Club today by Dr. D.P. Singh. The book is a poignant narrative that delves into the various chapters of Singh’s extraordinary journey from working in a tech-giant, Microsoft in the US to joining Not-for-Profit organisations there, of which he is still a part.

While shedding light on his experience of writing this autobiography, Harjinder shares, “Embarking on the journey of ‘Semi-Luckiest’ has been a profound experience, allowing me to reflect on the twists and turns that shape our lives. It’s not just my story but a narrative of resilience, family bonds, and the pursuit of purpose.”

“In these pages, I share my journey with the hope that it resonates with others, encouraging them to find strength in adversity and savor the moments that make life truly extraordinary,” he further elaborates.

The contributors to this remarkable autobiography include Dr. Gurpreet K Moghe, Maninder Kaur, domestic help Sherry, and a host of family and friends who have played instrumental roles in making Harjinder’s life truly worthwhile.

“Semi-Luckiest” provides readers with a glimpse into Harjinder’s humble beginnings after his birth in Amritsar. The narrative then unfolds to showcase his life’s experiences, from family medals and accolades to schooling and his philanthropic initiatives as part of the Clinton Foundation. Notably, the book highlights a letter of appreciation from Bill Clinton and a gratitude note from Barack and Michelle Obama, taking the readers on a nostalgic journey down the memory lane.

Harjinder Pal Singh has consistently used his voice to address crucial issues, ranging from the solemnity of the 1971 Pakistan war to extending condolences on the anniversary of the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks. His concerns have also extended to topics such as air quality, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a poignant letter to a Pakistani general addressing human rights abuses regarding the killing of Indian soldiers at the LOC.

“There is a reason to live responsibly, it costs   nothing,” Harjinder affirms.

Furthermore, Semi-Luckiest sheds light on Harjinder’s professional journey, including his stint working with Microsoft. The autobiography pays homage to his family, with a special mention of his grandfather, Butta Singh, who served in the military and fought for the Britishers in Burma during World War I (1939-45). His mother, Amar Sandhawalia, and his better half, Jasbir have played pivotal roles in shaping Harjinder’s life. The duo is blessed with three daughters – Preeti, Jenny, and Naina.

Semi-Luckiest is a compelling tale that encapsulates the essence of Harjinder Pal Singh’s eventful life, making it a must-read for those seeking inspiration and insight into a life well-lived.


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