8 April 2023


Runs kept flowing amidst fall of wickets (FOW)  on the third day of the Gully Cricket Tournament being organized by the UT Cricket Association (UTCA) and Chandigarh Police with an effort to connect the youth with cricket and keep away from drug abuse. A total of 12 matches were played wherein 1838 runs were scored while 139 wickets fell at various matches played across ten venues on Saturday. All 10-10 over matches were played on knock out basis.

The main attraction of the day was the Nasha Mukti Express which was flagged off by the Governor of Punjab and the UT Administrator Banwari Lal Purohit a few days back . This bus which is being run on the initiative of the Social Welfare Department is reaching out to make the youth aware of the ill-effects of drug abuse. The bus visited the various match venues and sensitized the budding players on drug abuse. On the initiative of Chandigarh Police, children were also administered oaths before the match to stay away from drugs. The tournament is supported by the Department of Sports and Education as well as the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh. The winning team will be richer by Rs 51,000 while the runner-up team will get Rs 31,000. Semi-final teams will be honoured with Rs 11-11 thousand each.

The results of the matches played were as follows:

Team No. 57 (84/8) lost to Team No. (87/4) by six wickets

Team No. 68 (81/8) lost to Team No. (82/7) by three wickets

Team No. 33 (123/3) beat Team No. 34 (44 all out) by 79 runs

Team No. 171 (181/4) beat Team No. 172 (95 all out) by 86 runs

Team No. 128 (98/4) beat Team No. 127 (77 all out) by 21 runs

Team No. 148 (100/7) beat Team No. 147 (52/8) by 48 runs

Team No. 126 (47 all out) lost to Team No. 125 (51/1) by nine wickets

Team No. 55 (111/4) beat Team No. 56 (73/7) by 38 runs

Team No. 66 (133/8) beat Team No. 65 (69/4) by 64 runs

Team No. 32 (66 all out) beat Team No. (58/4) by eight runs

Team No. 170 (64/7) beat Team No. 169 (62/1) by two runs

Team No. 146 got a walk over against Team No. 145.


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