29 January 2024


The newly-formed Grappling Sports Association would be introducing the new sport in the state of Punjab by organising training programs for athletes, coaches, and referees. 

The Association also plans to hold championships in the region, which would encourage participation in the sport, which would popularise it. The first tournament will be held in Jalandhar next month. 

Addressing media persons here today at the Chandigarh Press Club, Mr. Akshay Tiwari, President of the Punjab State Grappling Sports Association, said, “The vision of the Punjab State Grappling Sports Association is to foster excellence in grappling sports, promote sportsmanship, and provide a platform for athletes to thrive. We aim to cultivate a strong community of dedicated individuals working towards the growth and development of grappling sports in Punjab. Through inclusive initiatives, training programs, and championship events, we aspire to elevate the standards of the sport and contribute to the overall well-being of our members.”

Mr. Tiwari explained that the association had decided to develop and implement comprehensive training programs for athletes, coaches, and referees to enhance skill levels and ensure a high standard of competition.

“We will also strategize and plan the upcoming Open Championship in Punjab State, focusing on effective coordination, participant engagement, and creating a memorable sporting experience. We will shortly finalize the date for the State Championship, ensuring adequate preparations for a successful and competitive event that showcases the talent within the region”, he said, adding, the association will explore partnerships with educational institutions to promote grappling sports at the grassroots level, fostering talent development and increased participation.

The association will also conduct outreach programs to raise awareness about grappling sports, encouraging community involvement and creating a broader support base for the association and will establish regular communication channels to keep members and sports enthusiasts informed about event updates.

Among other prominent present were Chairman North India Shubham Chaudhary, and Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Chief State Advisor Punjab. (Honorary.)

What is Grappling?

Grappling is a fighting technique as well as a full-contact combat sport based on throws, trips, sweeps, clinch fighting, ground fighting and submission holds. Grappling often involves takedowns and ground control, and may end when a contestant concedes defeat. Should there be no winner after the match time-limit has lapsed, competition judges will determine the winner based on who exerted more control.


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