Mamdot, Ferozepur

9 July 2024


The Global Middas Foundation today successfully held a “Panchan Di Sansad” at Mamdot village in the Ferozepur district of Punjab. 

This event is a significant part of the “Saada Khirda Punjab” initiative, an ambitious effort by the foundation to restore the golden era of Punjab.

The gathering witnessed the participation of approximately 60 sarpanchs and village leaders from across the district. The event was honored by the presence of distinguished guests, including the President of the Foundation, Sardar Inder Preet Singh; Sardar Gurbaksh Singh PPS (Retd.), a prominent voice in the district; Sardar Harmeet Singh, Convener of the Youth for Punjab initiative; and Sardar Aman Bandvi, Director of the Foundation.

During the event, Sardar Inder Preet Singh shared details about the various initiatives planned for Punjab, including:Making Punjab drug-free through the “Nasha Mukt Punjab” campaign.Promoting awareness and the implementation of natural agricultural practices to reduce

 the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Launching a key initiative to facilitate the marriages of poor and needy girls in the state.Implementing solutions to raise water tables and establish skill centers.

Announcing the schedule for “Jal Langar” and “Jal Sansad,” two critical programs aimed at water conservation and the revival of water bodies.

Sardar Gurbaksh Singh elaborated on the initiatives focusing on improved agricultural practices, drug-free villages, and the importance of community involvement and collaborations to drive change.

Sardar Harmeet Singh emphasized the role of youth in these initiatives, advocating for the involvement of young villagers as ambassadors of change.

Sardar Aman Bandvi underscored the need for community engagement and the importance of instilling the teachings of the great gurus to achieve a brighter future.Village leaders present at the event highlighted specific challenges faced by their regions and collectively agreed to build a robust social network to address these issues effectively.

A key highlight of the event was the launch of the comprehensive “Nasha Mukt Punjab” plan, which will be extended to more districts, villages, and towns. Upcoming plans also include organizing health camps in the following weeks.The event was a grand success, with enthusiastic and appreciative participation from the villagers, who welcomed the initiatives with open arms. Such efforts are vital for securing a brighter tomorrow for Punjab.

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