Gian Jyoti Global School Celebrates Malaria Prevention Week



6 May 2017


Science Club of Gian Jyoti Global School celebrated Malaria Prevention Week at its premises in Phase -2, Mohali to create awareness among the students about the causes, symptoms, effects and preventions of Malaria. Pavit and  Gurleen students of 10th class gave a knowledgeable lecture through a presentation to all students about Malaria Preventions.

In the presentation, students were told to avoid sleeping outside or in the vicinity of areas where mosquitoes like to live, e.g. standing water (lakes, waste dumps). Use an insect spray containing pyrethroids in all living and sleeping areas, especially during evening and nighttime hours. Wear long sleeve shirts and trousers in the evening and at night.

Prevention of malaria involves protecting yourself against mosquito bites and taking antimalarial medicines. But public health officials strongly recommend that young children and pregnant women avoid traveling to areas where malaria is common.

Mrs. Ranjeet Bedi, Principal, Gian Jyoti Global School while speaking on the occasion said that it is very important to know that malaria is a preventable disease and we should take this responsibility to make aware each and every one regarding this disease.

Mrs. Bedi further said that it is our youth only who will come forward to spread the awareness to the masses, so that we can eradicate Malaria from our country.




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