29 May 2018
MUMBAI, May 28: Ipsaa Daycare Private Limited – India’s leading child daycare chain – celebrated its annual family day with lots of fun, frolic and fiesta here at St Andrew’s auditorium on Sunday.
Keeping up the tradition of “getting together” in large families, the second annual family day centered around igniting imagination through theatre, music, sports and books encapsulating a plethora of activities and a gamut of emotions. The event unfolded with the chanting of a prayer, performances and a video presentation of Ipsaa.
“Ipsaa means ‘WISH’ in Sanskrit and we have always endeavoured to impart the joy of learning, of exploring new things, of understanding new emotions and experiencing new ideas to children in a
secure and safe environment, which is a very important and indispensable parameter in their holistic development,” said Ms Kanchan Mittal, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Ipsaa Daycare Private Limited.
Ms Namrata Bachani, CEO – West, Ipsaa Daycare Private Limited, defines the Indian Childcare Industry like a large Indian home for children where they get enriched and create wonderful experiences. Her motto for a woman to join back her work is what drives Ipsaa to provide the best childcare support for working parents.
The musical play, Tunni Ki Kahani, which is written and directed by Gopal Dutt (Aarambh Mumbai Productions LLP) that ignited the imaginations of children as well as parents. Theatre and getting together has a magical effect on children’s ability to express and encourages them to engage with their imagination. The event was concluded with yet another spectacular extravaganza performance by Kooh Sports Private Limited, wherein, children and parents again got involved in the program. The proficiency with which the children displayed their skills and talents left the parents overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotions.
It was a moment of pride seeing parents getting involved with their children’s curriculum activities themselves, amid thunderous applause from the house packed auditorium. “Ipsaa Daycare every
year annual function is celebrated with enthusiasm and vigor. We were surprised to see a unique quality inside so to bring out that hidden talent almost all the children of Ipsaa Daycare are brought on the stage to perform. We are very excited about the performance and very proud of our children and thanks to Mentor moms for their effort, and the cultural programme in form of theatre Tunni Ki Kahani and Katha books will be a memory to take with us home,” Dr Antalika Nag, a parent, said.
Carefully drafted activities by Ipsaa Daycare, the audience enraptured the auditorium with their message driven programs which were well thought off, prepared and presented. The event was
marked with a presence of more than 600 parents as well as HR Heads of various corporate houses such as HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Taj Hotels, ICICI Bank, Siemens, Standard Chartered Bank, Ness Digital Engineering and others were among those present at the event.
Encapsulating the essence of the event, Ms Priyanka Patil, a parent, said, “Innovative and culture focused on children and not on costumes. I appreciate all teachers and students who put together
this effort.” Another parent, Ms Mallika Phansalkar added, “It was a wonderful function for children and families. Excellent effort to organise and get every child to participate. Loved this concept of an actual stage and auditorium feel.”
Ipsaa has its presence in 7 major cities – Gurugram, Noida, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bengaluru – with as many as 60 centres. “We are soon expanding our footprints in other cities
like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Goa by providing both onsite as well as offsite solutions to any organization’s employees day-care needs across the spectrum.
About Ipsaa Daycare
Ipsaa Day Care Private Limited was established in 2013 by Mr Shiv Mittal and Ms Kanchan Mittal with a vision to take every child on an enriching journey, wherein, each step is a step into a world of
new ideas, a world full of avenues to discover new horizons and a world that inspires to bring joy to one’s life and others.
It has a presence in 7 major cities – Gurugram, Noida, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bengaluru with as many as 60 centres across India. It is contemplating to reach a mark of century
of centres by end of 2018 and is soon expanding its footprints in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Goa.
Ipsaa is like a large Indian home for children where we create wonderful experiences for them, enrich their thoughts and add joy to their journey of growing up. Childhood is a journey and the journey begins at The Centre of Joy.
Value Behaviors:
Children come first:
▪ First priority is Safety and comfort of
children, every time.
▪ Ensure infrastructure and equipment is child friendly and safe, every time
▪ Make an extra effort to add value to the
children’s lives
▪ Create a ‘home away from home’ for every child
▪ Strive to improve quality in every
▪ Engage with each other to encourage and
foster excellence in the team
▪ Take action to improve oneself continually
▪ Seek active feedback from others
Dignity in all action:
▪ Listen to parents and co workers
▪ Seek win-win solutions each and every time.
▪ Convey our point of view respectfully and
▪ Respect deadlines and other’s time and
▪ Discuss innovative options before each
important decision or action.
▪ Encourage responsible and effective
innovation in the team resources
▪ Highest Integrity
▪ Demonstrate highest ethical standards in all engagements
▪ Transparency and honesty in all
communication and interaction
▪ Deliver on commitments each and every
▪ Clear and prompt communication
▪ Recognize, celebrate and learn from innovative efforts.


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