12 June 2017


Freyr Energy, a full service solar provider launches Freyr SunProTM in Chandigarh, which is a revolutionary ‘India first’ mobile application that will help customers run their rooftop solar businesses with ease.  Freyr SunProTM, which runs on both iOS and Android devices, uses complex algorithms and data analytics to streamline the entire process of fulfilling a customer’s solar requirements.

With Freyr SunproTM, a solar or electrical background is not needed anymore to start their business. The training time to use the SunPro is less than 1 hour.The initial investment required to start a rooftop solar business is zero. Any individual can easily download the application from Play Store and App Store.

The system created using SunPro is custom designed for each customer’s individual needs. Automated site survey and system design show eliminates errors during the sales process as well as procurement and installation. The app’s all encompassing platform is equivalent to a 5-person team (Design engineer, pricing specialist, customer management, supply chain and project management) supporting you 24×7, 365 days to help close orders. The app reduces the sales cycle for users to 1-2 meetings with the customer. SunPro works both offline and online and gives detailed pricing recommendations.

Mr. Saurabh Marda, Co- Founder and Managing Director, Freyr Energy said, “By launching SunPro we want to enable individuals and micro to medium sized companies start and run their solar businesses with minimal investment. We have eliminated all the complexity involved in system design, pricing, proposal generation etc. and made it easier to sell a solar system, while ensuring the customer gets the best product possible. The Government’s ambitious target of achieving 40 GW of rooftop solar installations by 2022 will require tremendous grassroots participation especially on sales.  We believe SunPro can help fill the void which we would regard as a success.”

The user can start the business without having to hire any additional staff. This ensures that the business is profitable from Year 1 itself. If several people in the organization is using the tool, the performance of employees can also be automatically monitored and assessed.

After the order is closed, Freyr Energy will work on the material supply and installation so the user can focus on closing more orders. With the help of SunPro, several of Freyr Energy’s channel partners are generating business of 1 crore annually.


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