1 September 2023


Foot and ankle-related ailments continue to affectseveral people but are largely ignored due to less awareness levels among the masses. A delay in medical intervention further leads to more complex problems.

To address the issue, Fortis Hospital Mohali has recently started a Specialised Foot and Ankle Clinic which offers a wide array of services such as pain in heels, flat feet, bunions etc.

The Specialised Foot and Ankle Clinic is beingheaded by Dr Chandan Narang, Consultant, Foot and Ankle Clinic, Fortis Mohali, who has extensive experience in treating patients with foot-related problems.

Discussing why foot-related problems should not be ignored, Dr Narang, said, “A delay in medical intervention can aggravate the health problem and lead to co-morbidities and cardiovascular problems. In fact, sometimes, foot-related problems are responsible for causing obesity, which further causes co-morbidities. Fortis Hospital Mohali offers extensive treatment for pain in heels, diabetic foot, flat feet, bunions, ankle equinus, tingling or numbness in foot, stabbing pain in the ball of foot, unexplained painful swelling, foot drop, burning sensation etc.”

Shedding light on the various treatment procedures available at Fortis Hospital MohaliDr Narang, added, “We offer several procedures such as Bunionectomy, Hammertoe surgery , Claw toe correction, Plantar fascia release surgery, Achilles tendon repair surgery, Ankle ligament repair or reconstruction, Ankle joint replacement surgery, Ankle fusion, Morton’s neuroma excision surgery, Tarsal tunnel release surgery, Metatarsal head osteotomy, Flat foot reconstruction surgery, High arch correction, Ankle fracture fixation surgery, Lisfranc fracture fixation or fusion surgery,Internal fixation or bone grafting for stress fractures, Tendon repair surgeryTendon transfer surgeries for foot drop, Wound debridement and reconstruction for diabetic foot ulcers, Amputation, Joint debridement for arthritis, Joint fusion for arthritis, Joint replacement surgery for arthritis, Sesamoidectomy, Cheilectomy for hallux rigidus, Haglund’s deformity excision surgery, Calcaneoplasty for Haglund’s syndrome, Ganglion cyst excision surgery, Tarsal coalition resection or fusion surgery, Charcot reconstruction surgery, Sports-related ankle arthroscopy, Achilles tendonitis treatment.”


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