28 February 2018


Fortis Cancer Institute, Mohali organized Holi celebrations for nearly 150 cancer survivors and their near & dear ones today along with the team of doctors and nurses that helped them brave through cancer. Sardool Sikander, the famous Punjabi icon graced the occasion to spend some of his valuable time with these brave soldiers battling cancer.

Sikander while speaking on the occasion said, “Cancer is not the end of life, cancer is beatable. Holi is the perfect occasion to understand that life is made of hues of colours – some dark and some bright, if we focus on the brighter colours of life we realize how beautiful life really is and we can brave through the dark patches holding onto the brightness that lies ahead” carried weight in the hearts and minds of the audience. He enchanted the audience with his most memorable songs as they swayed along the melodious tunes.

The idea of an annual get together of Cancer Survivors called “Saarthak” is to celebrate the spirit of those who have fought physically and psychologically against cancer to conquer their fears and start life afresh. The gathering reinforces the concept that life after a cancer diagnosis can be a reality.  With snacks in hand and a hearty laugh, the survivors seemed to have left their troubles behind.

Mr J.C Chawla, a survivor of breast cancer, said: “We all are indebted to Fortis Cancer Institute Mohali for organizing such a festive event. The happy moments we spend together, make us all realize that we are not alone. I wait to meet others like me who have survived cancer. It gives me strength to keep fighting.”

Dr. Rajeev Bedi, Director – Medical Oncology, Fortis Cancer Institute, Mohali suggested to the Cancer Survivors to reach out to other members of the community and get them to join any free support group like Saarthak. “Typically, patients tend to become emotional and start feeling that other people can’t understand what they are going through. This makes it hard for them to relate to other people and can lead to loneliness. Don’t let them deal with their loneliness on their own. Help them join a support group with other cancer survivors who are having the same emotions,” Dr Bedi said.

Dr Narendra Bhalla, Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncology, Fortis Cancer Institute, Mohali, said, “While undergoing radiation, many patients feel scared and insecure about the future. These get-togethers help them meet people who’ve benefitted from the treatment due to their positive outlook. We hope this day turns out to be a celebration of the survivors’ indomitable spirit!”


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