Fortis Hospital, Mohali launches Thyroid & Breast Cancer Clinic in Patiala



25 April 2019


Fortis Hospital, Mohali launched a Thyroid and Breast Cancer Clinic at Patiala today. The clinic will help patients of the city to get a quick review as well as specialized aid from medical workers. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Naval Bansal, Endocrine & Breast Cancer Surgeon at Fortis Cancer Institute in Mohali emphasized need of such clinic which will go a long way to provide better patient care.

Dr Bansal further said that the awareness around breast cancer needs to go up as preventive measures can help patients to recover quickly from one of the most common form cancers seen among urban population.

Patients with breast cancer can have lump in breast or armpit, nipple discharge, retraction of nipple or ulcer or redness over breast. If cancer is in advance stage, she can have breathing difficulty, jaundice, bone pain, loss of appetite or weight, explained Dr Naval. Breast cancer treatment usually includes multimodality care like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Partial breast removal with breast reconstruction is emerging as the standard of care, especially in early stages. 

“The key mantra for prevention of breast cancer includes life- style modifications like healthy diet, weight reduction, regular exercise etc. Periodic clinical checkups by breast experts and annual mammography after 45 years of age can detect this disease at an early stage,” emphasized Dr Naval.

Thyroid cancer is also on rise in India. Neck swelling is the commonest symptoms encountered in patients with thyroid cancer. Usually these swellings are asymptomatic in early stage, so are overlooked by most of the patients. Hoarseness of voice is another symptom of thyroid cancer. Some patients cough excessively; have difficulty in breathing or difficulty in swallowing. Newer advances in thyroid surgery like key-hole surgeries (with help of robot or via laparoscope) can yield the same results with better cosmetic outcome. 


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