15 April  2019


The Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Hospital, conducted a special workshop on Caring for the Environment here today. This is a part of the Prosocial Peer Moderator Program conducted under guidance Dr Samir Parikh, Director, Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare. The workshop is aimed to expand the emotional connection between people and their natural world, all the while applying lessons from life skills education to make sustainable life choices.

The Prosocial Peer Moderator Program, a Fortis School Mental Health Initiative, is an application-based life skills program. The workshop follows a peer mentoring model wherein students from schools across the country are given hands on training to become ambassadors for the environment and conduct similar sessions with fellow students from their schools. The Prosocial Peer Moderator Program is conducted across NCR, Mohali, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata.

Abhijit Singh, Zonal Director, Fortis Mohalisaid, “As mental health experts, we understand the importance of the relatedness of people with nature. It has been our endeavor to use insights from the field of ecopsychology to build awareness and motivate young children to become more empathetic towards the environment. We have launched a campaign #HappyEarthHappyPeople because we believe that well-being and environment are closely related.”

As a part of this workshop, students planted saplings in the hospital premises. Students were also encouraged to adopt a plant in the vicinity of their homes or school, take care of it and share it in the social media to create more awareness. The children also committed to a weekly digital detox, to reduce their dependence on technology. 

The workshop was attended by 85 of students from different schools at Fortis Hospital Mohali.


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